Esther Hart is an author, speaker, freedom coach and author mentor. She has been inspiring people for more than twenty years.

Esther's stories of life changing insights and inspirations come directly from her heart. People who have had heard and read Esther's stories carry the inspiration with them for years afterward.

She has written many of these stories in her books Journey to Personal Freedom, Heaven on Earth and Giggle Factor - A Grownup Fairy Tale.

Esther began sharing her insights as a speaker in the 1980s.

Seeing how liberated people were after a coaching session with her, Esther began to call herself a freedom coach.

After assisting Junie Swadron in writing and publishing Re-Write Your Life she added to her personal fulfillment by developing a career of supporting authors.

Esther is in awe of how magically people and opportunities appear in her life. Watch for her upcoming book Magic or Destiny?



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